Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Night Sketch: Freeze Frame with Looped Sound: a study of the night from the window of 118 Eton Hall - Looking Left

The harsh blue-white neon of the BT tower
against the dark purple of the night
Beneath that: 4 windows
In the centre both are splashed with the liquid light of TV blue
These are bookended by the warm yellow of lamplight
The building falls away from this
Windows are darkly mapped  against it

AUDIO TRACK: A plane engine moves like a skateboard. The Dull mutter of passing strangers. Footsteps. Keys rattling in a man's hand (LOOP) 

Night Sketch: Study of the night from the Window of 118 Eton Hall - Looking right

Fill the top two thirds purple
A pink wanting to be purple
Beneath that: tree shaped blacks
A tangled thick hedge of black
Closer to the window: two afro-dark trees
Squares of light and the blinking white-red of a new born plane
taking it's first uncertain steps 

Night Sketch: At the Window of 1 Highbury Place as the Day Fades

The trees are rushing with the last of the day's wind - busying themselves in last minute chores before the night draws in.

The view from the window is a study of the world in shades of green.

A wall runs up the garden - deep and brown and diagonal. Beside it a pink four headed rose is raised.

The blue of a neighbour's shed appears.

Water Colour Sketch of Chapel Market and the Holloway Road: July 13th 2011

At the Job centre on B---- Road near the Angel an old man asks a tracksuited teenager for a fag. The boy says no. Then changes his mind.

A man: Mid 20s (difficult to tell with the English working class, could be mid 40s) screams abuse into a mobile phone. He then moves as if to smash the phone against a wall but doesn't. We are walking through a tunnel of scaffolding on the Holloway road when this happens.

An estate agent - late teens. He is trying to grow a mustache.

An African woman screams into a phone on Upper Street. Unknown African language. Her aggression, as with the man earlier, is extremely boring.

At the Hope Workers Cafe: Wooden tables - dark polished. Arsenal banners. Polish staff. All builders and baked beans. Also water colours of local area.

Packington street has been closed off. Metal fences block it at both ends.

A cat lies asleep on a step leading to the blue front door of an apartment building. He is curled loaf-like, head drooped, fur dirty-white.    

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Les Pensées (33)

Artaud pressed his nose against the window and stared at the dry streets where a single pedestrian trailed his lap dog curiously sniffing the concrete, and realized his life was a sequence of unfulfilled expectations.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Faces (33)

(33) A round, scrubby and gray head bobbing on top of a fat, pear-shaped body dressed in a black rekel and topped with a black shtofener that tip-toed delicately on his crown of ruffled straw hair, revealing the side of a black yamaka, and two payots veering up and down along his worried sleeps on the rhythm of his scurried pace.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Les Pensées (32)

Artaud looked at the skeletons that kicked their feet out before them, swinging their arms backward in a single balanced and coordinated motion of what seemed to be living bodies, but so soulless, heartless and without opinions that they thought of it as simply very professional.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Faces (32)

(32) Her black hair was combed backward and touched her shoulders like a dry curtain that dragged over the stage, on which her thin chin tapped dapperly from left to right, as her head turned with her round tip-tilted nose and its wide nostrils, her dark eyes and half opened mouth, which reminded me of a domino stone's spots.