Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Faces (50)

(50) Her face curves gently, as she stares at me, a wide gliding landscape with soft, broad slopes. Her deep brown irises beg me kindly from behind the veils of her obsequious eye lids, and beckon me with her full, red embalmed lips, for one more kiss.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Faces (49)

(49) His mandible grinds heavily from left to right, like a ruminating cow laying motionless, he stares blindly in the distance with wide open eyes. His eyebrows are contracted by a fixated frown into a widely shaped V spanning his forehead, the outer edges pointing up like the brows of an owl. Around the widely white eyes, heavy eye bags and fatty eye lids orbit in hypnotizing circles concentrically fixated on his doughy prey.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Faces (48)

(48) Her white freckled cheeks boasted a little tug nose, her nostrils stared at me like the eyes of a die. Her hair was shaven at her temples, while on top it dangled like long orange stems of reed that danced along with every step she moved. Her shy downward glance and soft hesitant voice revealed a Russian accent.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Kisses in the Morning

your shoulder sinks into the soft mattress
your fragile face appears in my dream
the two slopes of your thighs behold my eyes
that stare at your mouth sucking in my love
the words stick like honey between paper
the paper shrivels while my pen is still
the table surface at the bed's end lies
where your brown feet curl above the white sheet
i follow the lines of your golden calves
like unwinding ariadne's thread
gently my white hands slide down your bum
like a rock down a mount of tender love
tender my love, you should go down on me
like an angel climbing down onto me

Faces (47)

(47) The skin above her nose pulled together and folded, forming two deep crevices between her curly eyebrows, which formed a full wave of her emotional frequency, her lips and eyelids tightened in parallel, her nostrils widened, but then all the fierce muscles of her face in one sudden jerk relaxed and her dark Mexican eyes lit up, and her smiling, full, red lips pouted to form an endless festoon of kisses.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Faces (46)

(46) A large shrub of dark curly hair grew over his fat and wide face, his pebble eyes lay burried in the multiple layers, his nose resembled a fleshy bulb with blue spots and grew out of his mushy cheeks, but when he sipped from his crystal glass of water, the corners of his mouth sank so low, his upper lip falling so deep over his rounded chin, revealing a tense bow, that I forgot the whole remainder of his head.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Faces (45)

(45) Tugged away into the blue, woolen cap of her mackintosh rain jacket, and wrapped tightly by a green, coarsely knitted scarf, her straw red hair fanned out into all directions. Her sloping white nose pointed out forward and elongated thin lips lay serenely beneath her freckled pink face, hiding against the winter cold.

Les Pensées (43)

At first, Artaud felt exhilarated by the shallow but fierce current of the impulse of love that erupted, but the feeling quickly washed away again by the brutal tide of nocturnal sadness, dragged along by the blind darkness of the evening.

Faces (44)

(44) A heavy, dark and scruffy beard hung from his chin, hiding his bleak neck, and domineering his face, effacing the shape of his nose and his cheekbones, lending his presence an indistinct appearance, accentuated by the thin frame of his glasses and distracted by his straw hat.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Der Engel und das Mädchen

durch ein Loch in den Himmel
schaue ich in die Wolken
und ich sehe das Lächeln eines Engels
aus der Augenhöhle rollt eine einzige Träne
und fällt in die weichen Kissen
einzigartig wie sie mir anschaut
und flüstert leise Worte der Trauer
zärtlich trinken meine Lippen von ihrem Kummer
und zaubert das Lächeln eines kleinen Mädchens
das in den Himmel steigt

I look into the clouds
through a hole in the sky
and I see the smile of an angel
from her socket a single tear rolls
and falls into the soft cushion
she looks at me singularly
and whispers sorrowful words
my lips drink from her tender grief
and the smile of a little girl appears
who rises toward the sky